Next Time You Are At Caroline's NYC Bring A Blank Instruction Manual

Review: The next time you are in New York City remember to stop by Caroline's on Broadway in the heart of Times Square. Sunday's are usually the closings of the most best well-know celebrity and up-and-coming comedians in the business of inner healing laughter.

Although Sunday's show at Caroline's is over, Deon Cole of the hit comedy on ABC's "Blackish", produced by Anthony Anderson, which aired tonight, stole the show with his sex insight's of Black and White people.   Cole, who is a two time Emmy Nominated Writer, told everyone to take notes regarding managing your Blackness, the importance of Black interactions with Whites, and why intimacy is a spiritual oneness that does not involve negative energies.  I laughed so hard at the show, the Goddess within me began to run down my face, the only thing left was the red Michael Kors dress I was wearing because all the blush on my face disappeared from crying.  And even after all that laughter, Cole reminded the White audience that Black people "walk off with napkins" when eating out.

The stand up show of course had a an opening act of impersonations starring, Randy Syphax, the "White Boy" who is the look-alike to all Black people in a sandbox.  The impersonations of Black Nativity from Syphax's world will drive you back for an encore. To follow Randy Syphax for the next upcoming shows tweet @RandySyphax for more impressions at upcoming Sports events.  

Complimenting Syphax's before the big bang was Clark Jones, the Brooklyn native @theeclarkjones, known by the way of Chi.  Social Justice involving Black Lives Matter was the many integrated jokes Clark threw at the audience on the anniversary of Michael Brown, the youth that was lost to homicide of a White Police Officer in Ferguson, MO., August 9, 2014.  Forever 21 will always be a remembrance as to why the audience should always shop their whenever lining up your next date.  Not only is Forever 21 cheap, but everyone will know what you are wearing.

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