Meeting Of The Minds Or Agreeing To Have Sex!

A Meeting of The Minds Discussion Panel, moderated by Bert Gervais: Founder of Success Mentor Education, and coordinator for Project D.R.E.A.M., was held at TAJ Lounge: 48 W 21st Street, NYC. Many prominent Engineers, Journalist, Researchers, and Lawyers met to discuss vulnerabilities of today's youth as it led to psychiatric illnesses, depression, and most important the communication of sex.

Today's pop-culture as it relates to entertainment is focused upon how our society educates and motivates your children.  But what if the focus is on You, the parent.  As children we believe everything our parents tell us.  As those same children that transform into adults, we believed that something good was going to happen to us as it correlates one's vision into the reality of adulthood.   In my last article, "Boys Protesting About Sex!," the discussion is associated with children (in particular - girls)  starting from age 5 and up protesting about sex and why a "Sausage Movement" campaign centered around addictive behaviors of their parents.  

Today the conversation is open to address the concerns of the children beginning at age 18 months and up as it relates to Gender Normative Roles.  The gender theory states that problems began with the identification of societal norms and those norms dictate behaviors that are acceptable or desirable as it relates to sex.  If parents do not ascribe social structures to meet the expectations of society, then one's skills, attitudes, and behaviors will reflect within their communication to perform as men and women, especially when the role of sex in our society shapes one's culture.  But what happens when a child's ideas are fixed or forced today?  Gender roles can leave parents blind when expectations are not met or blinds them to societal norms like legal problems, wage gaps, and structural discrimination.  Does these societal norms or pressures force a child to commit suicide?

Whatever the customary rules are that governsarrow-10x10.png a child's sexual behavior, environmental strategies to gain new approaches were discussed on the panel for #BlackLivesMatter of today. Continuedarrow-10x10.png research on governing sexual behaviors in the Black and Latino communities stem from emotions that are driven to explore norm influencer's since social norms are a centrally fixed production of social order.  Do not think that your child is not having sex today, the cluster of pressures to self-fulfill sex expectations is a parent's philosophical view of their social norm.  If you the parent agreed to have sex, how can you explain to your child to not have sex without explaining the position of the gift-taker - your secrets. 

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