Boys Protesting About Sex!

It's called the Sausage Movement and the Songs and Video's to a new found food lyric has gone viral. #SausageMovement is a protest by Boys today associated with why #BlackLivesMatter movement. So why is sex associated with the morning breakfast meal for children?

Children today are not playing hop scotch, or jump rope during recess, children are drilling to the beat of the Sausage Movement.  Has anything happened in your childhood?  Young men today are associating the most important meal of the day "Breakfast" with young ladies and twerking, which is associated with provocative behavior.  Empowering youth to prepare a healthy meal for the family is no longer a campaign for the future plans, hopes, and dreams to be able to discern what is best.  Empowering spirituality and health care is now a trend for young men by holding ethics accountable for addictive behaviors.  Step Up!  Make A Difference Today!  It is the #SausageMovement!  Black Lives Matter and children are holding You accountable.

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