Industry: Social Media

Founded: 2012

Denise Fitzgerald Trade: Filthy Rich oversees both The Esoteric Transformational Ministries and Go Doctorate Go Facebook Fan Pages that uses the Twitter handle: @filthyrich2011 to build Public Relation clients for the entire Media List. The idea of Go Doctorate Go is to provide public relation leads. The Esoteric Transformational Ministries is the subsidiary to Go Doctorate Go. The Esoteric Transformational Ministries is an educational/personal blog that promotes social change and news stories. Sponsored media provided by a private legal source in connection with conversations involving Black/White Crime events as of April 9, 2015, has launched a basis to serve non-tribal programs as a culture expert.

Since the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther Jr., youths in the State of Tennessee have never been the same after the riots.